Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • When you use iAgenda you agree to the terms and conditions below
  • Part of the General Terms and Conditions is the Processor Agreement in the context of privacy legislation
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    1. General

    1.1 These terms and conditions apply and apply to users and visitors of iAgenda.com

    1.2 By using this website, the user, or visitor, declares to agree with the general terms and conditions.

    1.3 By using this site, both visitors and users declare to adhere to the provisions of point 1.5.

    1.4 General terms and conditions used by the visitor or user are not accepted by iAgenda.

    1.5 The visitors and users of iAgenda are expected to make reasonable use of this site. This includes the following:
    • No infringement of property rights, of any nature whatsoever, from iAgenda
    • no confidential information from this site will be passed on to third parties
    • the site is not rendered unusable for the purpose for which the site was set up
    • no intrusion is made to the iagenda.nl site or the iAgenda systems
    • there is no discrimination in any way

    2 Eigendomsrecht

    2.1 All parts of this website are the property of iAgenda. Using in any way sharing of this website is prohibited, unless iAgenda has given written permission for this.

    3. Aansprakelijkheid

    3.1 iAgenda is not responsible for damage in any form whatsoever arise as a result of the use of this website. Users of this site who act contrary to these terms and conditions are liable for the any resulting damage for iAgenda or third parties.

    3.2 There are links to other sites on the iAgenda website, as well advertising in the form of banners or buttons. iAgenda is not responsible for the content thereof or for the content of the sites to which reference is made. Also iAgenda is not responsible for any damage resulting from it use of the sites referred to.

    3.3 The data included in the iAgenda database comes from third parties. iAgenda is in no way responsible for the accuracy of this data. Damage as a result of any incorrect data in the database and shown on the site cannot be recovered from iAgenda.

    3.4 iAgenda makes every effort to keep user data confidential. All data that you leave to us is therefore treated confidentially. if there iAgenda is nevertheless not responsible for damage in any form.

    4. Force majeure

    4.1 iAgenda is not responsible for delays that may occur due to defects in, for example communication links, viruses, disruptions or crowds on the internet. These are seen as force majeure.

    5. Duration and access

    5.1 iAgenda is entitled to users who do not adhere to the general terms and conditions or who use immoral or in any way discriminatory language (to be assessed by iAgenda, either in the field of religion or orientation or in any other area, access to the website temporarily or permanently.

    5.2 iAgenda can make improvements or additions to the website at any time. IAgenda is also possible make parts of the site out of use to the extent that this is necessary for maintenance reasons.

    5.3 iAgenda strives to provide access to the website 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, but does not guarantee that the services can always be used..

    6. Personal data

    6.1 The personal data entered by the user is stored by iAgenda in a database. This data is only used for the functional functioning of iAgenda. If iAgenda de wants to use personal data entered for purposes other than those for which it was provided, iAgenda ask permission in advance for this.

    6.2 Part of the General Terms and Conditions is the Processor Agreement

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